(828) 338-9787

Ages:  9 - 13*

  • * Pre-requisite:  Returning campers only.  Youth must have completed a previous Forest Floor camp or other regular seasonal program.

Days:  Monday - Friday

  • Optional(but highly-encouraged) Campout on Thursday Night


  • 9 AM - 3 PM, Monday - Wednesday
  • Overnight Campout:  Thursday 9 AM - Friday NOON

Location: Location: in E. Asheville at Shope Creek Wilderness

Price:  $310 per child (Lunches not provided)

  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at registration to secure a spot in camp
  • 10% discount for each additional sibling or week of camp
  • Overnight meals provided:  dinner Thursday and breakfast Friday 

Limited Partial Scholarships Available
Contact us for more info:

Forest Ninja (ages 8-12)​​

July 2 - 6

  • Trailblazers               June 12 - 15            OPEN spaces available

  • Hearthfire                 June 25 - 29            OPEN spaces available

  • Forest Ninja               July 2 - 6                 OPEN spaces available
  • Run Wild!                     July 9 - 13              OPEN spaces available

  • Run Wild!                   July 23 - 27              OPEN spaces available
  • Survival Skills         July 30 - Aug 3          OPEN spaces available

Fundamental Four: Survival Skills Camp 2018

Trailblazers Backpacking (ages 10 - 13*)   June 12 - 15

Shelter     Water     Fire     Food

(828) 338-9787

Fundamental Four:

Shelter, Water, Fire, Food

July 30 - August 3      (ages 9-13*)

Created and led by Grant Adkisson

These are the fundamental four of wilderness survival skills:

Campers will explore these specific skills as they pertain to both survival and general woodland proficiency. We will create a warm, dry group shelter using materials gathered from the forest.  We will discuss and practice methods of finding and purifying water(it's not an emergency so we'll stick to drinking what we know is safe).  We'll work with a variety of fire starting materials and tools, both primitive and modern, as well as fire safety and maintenance.  We will explore the possibilities of wild foods and what we might do to secure food in the wilderness.

This class will be part theory, with lots of hands-on practice and testing. We will culminate the week with an overnight campout where we will put our skills to the test through real-life applications.   Other concepts such as lost proofing, basic navigation, and survival basics will be explored. 

Hearthfire (ages 10-14)

June 25 - 29

Run Wild! (ages 6-12)

July 9 - 13  &  July 23 - 27