The mission of Forest Floor is to connect people to Nature, Each Other, and Themselves
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   Write Wild: Creative Nature Writing for Kids   


Led by teaching artist Robin Criscuolo, seasoned Forest Floor instructor and published writer, specializing in writing on the natural world. Her own writing has been heavily influenced by her love of outdoors and she is thrilled to bring her passion for writing to Forest Floor with this exciting new offering for budding young creatives.

In these weekend workshops, we will explore the woods, engage with wildlife and find deeper connection with our voices, the power of words, and the natural world. All while getting dirty, playing tons of fun games, and exercising our observational and imaginative muscles with playful and thoughtful writing tools.

Participants can focus on poetry, fiction or nonfiction or try out some of each. 

Explore and strengthen your creative voice!

Write Wild!

Recommended for ages 9-12


November 1 & 2

10 am-3 pm, Saturday and Sunday

Sign up for one or both weekends!

$60 per weekend

Space is limited.

For registration and more info:



  Fall Overnight Campout  

 Nov. 15 & 16

Are your children ready for a new adventure?

There are two sides to the forest, one of which only reveals itself after the sun goes down.  We will discover the mystery and magic of our nocturnal neighbors while pursuing adventures only available when we have a FULL day and night together.  We will culminate the campout with a parents and community potluck at Noon on Sunday as the children return.

This campout is open to any child who is currently enrolled or has previously participated in a Forest Floor program.  That said, this will be an advanced and more challenging experience than our other programs, and may be "beyond the edge" for some of our younger students.  We reserve the right to respectfully decline anyone who we consider to be as yet unready.  If you are uncertain if your child is up for this level of adventure, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

Dates/Times:  Saturday Nov. 15 @ 10AM until Sunday Nov. 16 @ NOON (potluck starts at Noon)
Cost:  sliding scale of $40 - $60 per child(includes two meals & a snack).  Sibling discounts available
Registration:  email us at to register and for any questions

Additional Details
What to Bring:
  • Lunch and mid-morning snack(for Saturday)
  • Full 1 Liter Water Bottle
  • Warm Clothing in layers(adequate for mid-Nov. cold)
    • 2 extra pair socks
    • wool or poly-synthetic base-layer/long-johns
    • 1 extra pair of pants
    • 2 extra long sleeve shirts
    • 1 wool or poly-synthetic sweater/pullover
    • warm winter hat
  • Warm Sleeping Bag
  • Insulating ground pad(e.g. therma-rest)
  • Backpack/Bags capable of storing all these items
Forest Floor may have a few of the above items available to loan.  If you have trouble locating any of them(check Second Gear and The Frugle Backpacker) please ask and we may have what you need.  

  • Drop-off is at 10am on Saturday morning and will include a thorough check of all children's gear before parents may leave(approx 5-10 minutes).

  • Pick-up Potluck is at NOON on Sunday.   This potluck is open to everyone, and will be a great chance to connect to other families in the area.  We will welcome the children back from their journey and hear some stories of their adventure.  Please bring your favorite dish and food adequate to serve as lunch for your children.  If you are unable to stay and attend the potluck please arrive promptly at noon on Sunday to sign-out your child.

To register, and for any other questions, please contact


   Community Potluck   

Nov. 16 @ NOON

Join us in welcoming back the children from their campout!  Hear stories from their nighttime adventures.  Share an afternoon with other families who also value Nature-Connection in their lives.

This potluck is open to anyone!  We'll have a fun and casual time out by the fire.  Bring your favorite dish or snack and share an afternoon with us at our beautiful basecamp in Reems Creek.

Location:  79 Maney Branch Rd., Weaverville(Google Map link)
Time:  arrive Nov. 16 @ Noon
Food:  bring a dish or snack to share
Who:  everyone welcome

 contact Clint Corley with any questions:


Fall 2014 Homeschool Programs

  NEW LOCATION in Asheville!  
  Our Monday Red-tailed Hawk Program is moving to the Asheville School,
located just on the edge of West Asheville 

Happening Mondays and Fridays, these programs are an opportunity to immerse your child in a long-term deep nature-connection mentoring experience, and are the backbone of our current youth-oriented offerings.

 Follow this link or see below for all the details, to enroll your child,
 and to learn more about our curriculum and mentoring approach.

"When we are out in the yard, playing at the park or walking around in the woods, [our daughter] will point out plant species and tell me their names and uses.  Her confidence has increased, and she is learning the value of just being quiet sometimes- which I welcome." -Starr, parent
"I am impressed with the degree of knowledge [the instructors] possess and bring to the children's experience. Not only is their love of the outdoors evident, but they bring a thorough level of expertise in outdoor education."
"The instructors are AWESOME. They connect so well with the kids, and are always very upbeat, positive and supportive."
Fall 2014 Homeschool Programs:

  Registration is OPEN for all programs,
 with limited space available.  
To register your child, follow the link at the bottom
of each program description.

Red-tailed Hawk

Weekly Homeschool Program

Ages:  6-13

:  Mondays, 9:00am - 3:00pm

:  Oct. 6 - Dec.8 (10 sessions total)

:  Sliding Scale for the full season is $270 - $420
.  Monthly payment plan available.

Location:  205 acres of forested land on The Asheville School campus in W. Asheville.        -Here is a link to the Asheville School website
   -A link to a Google Map of the location

Registration:  To enroll your child in this program, fill-out the online form HERE.
NOTE:  This form is only for Red-tailed Hawk.  To register for a different program follow the link at the bottom of that program description.


River Otter

Weekly Homeschool Program

Ages:  6-13

Time:  Fridays, 9am - 3pm

Dates: Sept. 19 - Dec. 12, with a breaks on Sept. 26 and Nov. 28 (11 total sessions)

Price:  Sliding Scale for the full season is $330 - $500.  Monthly payment plan available.

Location:  Herb Mountain Farm, only 20 min. NE of Asheville, part of over 100 acres of forested conservation land in the beautiful Reems Creek Valley.  A Google Map with the option to get directions can be found here.

Registration:  To enroll your child in this program, fill-out the online form HERE.
NOTE:  This form is only for River Otter.  To register for a different program follow the link at the bottom of that program description.


For more traditional school schedules we offer:

check back here soon for spring schedule

Grey Fox  

Bi-Weekly Saturday Program

NEW!  2 overnight camp-outs

:  7-14

:  9 am - 3 pm

: O
ct. 11, Oct. 25(overnight)*, Nov. 8, Nov. 22(overnight)* and Dec. 6  [5 total sessions w/ additional 2 overnights]
* overnight campouts are optional


$150 - $225 Sliding Scale, plus an additional $35 per overnight

Location:  Herb Mountain Farm, only 20 min. NE of Asheville, part of over 100 acres of forested conservation land in the beautiful Reems Creek Valley.  A Google Map with the option to get directions can be found here.


Our Methods:

Forest Floor utilizes a distinctive and highly effective educational approach called Nature-Connection Mentoring, which uses children's inherent enthusiasm for the natural world as a context to actively engage them in the learning process.  Children are guided by the mentor towards the empowering experience of curiosity-driven discovery instead of simply being inundated with information.  This in turn sets the stage for them to be led by their own innate curiosity(and the gentle nudging of the mentor) to discover the natural world for themselves. 

Using the subtle Art of Questioning children are brought to the edge of their knowledge and awareness, then enticed by a further mystery to grow beyond that edge.  With the help of what we call Universal Child Passions, we create a learning environment that is motivated by the natural inclinations of the children themselves.  Combining a modern understanding of brain patterning and habit creation with these other more ancient methods of mentoring, the children find themselves immersed in an “invisible school” with the forest as their ”classroom”.  The goal of such mentoring is nothing short of helping each individual reach their full potential.

Core Curriculum:

Our core curriculum is informed and shaped using the 8 Shields Cultural-Mentoring Design model.  Based on the patterns and cycles of the natural world, this model accounts for the innate rhythms of individuals and their environment, providing a seemingly effortless but remarkably effective trajectory for learning.

Through games, stories and exploration children will learn:

  • Outdoor Safety and Awareness
  • Animal Tracking
  • Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants
  • Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Bird Language
  • Ancient Crafts
  • Ecology, Community, Self-Discovery
  • and much more

Follow these links to learn more about the 8 Shields Cultural Mentoring Model and the principles of Nature-Connection Mentoring.

Learn about the history of our school and the Nature Connection Movement here.

For more information about any of our programs
 and to register your child please contact:

Clint Corley

Photography by Megan Richardson 

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