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Since 2011 Forest Floor has provided the Asheville area with Nature-Connection Mentoring programs designed to re-connect youth and adults with the natural world, while also coalescing a vibrant nature-based community.​​

Summer Camp Alert

Spots have opened in previously full camps!

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COVID-19 Update

In response to COVID-19, your kids, our staff, and the extended Forest Floor community are our top priority. We are closely reviewing and updating how we move forward based on guidance from public health officials and recommendations from the American Camp Association. 

Summer Camps Are Still On
Registration is still open for our full line-up of summer camps starting in June.  Based on the current three-phased reopening guidelines provided by both the North Carolina state and federal government, we anticipate a full summer of in-person camps.  In the event that our summer camps require modified plans we will rapidly develop alternative and exciting camp options and communicate with parents ASAP.  See further below for our COVID-19 Cancellation Policy.

2020 Summer Camps

  • All-Outdoor Nature Day Camps for grades K-10
  • New Drop-off/Pick-up Location in Haw Creek
  • ​After Camp available until 5:30 p.m.

More Important Than Ever
These are challenging times for many people, children included. At Forest Floor we believe that now more than ever kids need to feel resilient and capable. We’re proud to continue offering an antidote to the isolation and disappointment children may be feeling.

Our camps help kids increase their mental and physical health by providing the opportunity for:

  • Being out in the natural world, learning and growing with peers, guided by skilled and caring mentors.
  • Developing fundamental skills that have served humans for thousands of years and which feel increasingly relevant today.
  • Getting exercise and fresh air to boost the immune system.
  • Building real friendships centered around a mutual love of the outdoors.

Health and Safety
We are staying up-to-date with all the health and safety recommendations and continue to monitor guidelines from public health authorities and the American Camp Association. We are taking precautions to increase our sanitation protocols, including installing no-touch hand-washing stations, and will continue finding innovative ways to adapt our health and wellness policies.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy
Because we understand the economic impacts of COVID-19 on many families we've updated our cancellation policy so you can register for camps without concern. Families are eligible for a full 100% refund of all payments for a summer camp if:

  • Forest Floor cancels any summer program due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • You need to cancel because your family is adversely impacted by COVID-19 (job loss, illness, caring for sick family members, etc.)
  • AND in the event of cancellation (either on our part or yours)if you are in a position to donate your registration as a scholarship it would be a huge help to both Forest Floor and families in need.

Our standard cancellation policy will apply for all non-COVID related cancellations. To cancel an existing registration please email forestfloorwp@gmail.com with an explanation for the cancelation. 

How is Forest Floor weathering COVID-19?
Forest Floor is experiencing serious financial impacts from COVID-19.  Our spring program enrollment was much lower than expected and we still have over 100 summer camp spots open.  If you have the means, please consider donating to our Scholarship Fund to support both our organization and families in need.

Our Methods:

Forest Floor utilizes a distinctive and highly effective educational approach called Nature-Connection Mentoring, which uses children's inherent enthusiasm for the natural world as a context to actively engage them in the learning process. Children are guided by the mentor towards the empowering experience of curiosity-driven discovery instead of simply being inundated with information. This in turn sets the stage for them to be led by their own innate curiosity (and the gentle nudging of the mentor) to discover the natural world for themselves.

Using the subtle Art of Questioning children are brought to the edge of their knowledge and awareness, then enticed by a further mystery to grow beyond that edge. With the help of what we call Universal Child Passions, we create a learning environment that is motivated by the natural inclinations of the children themselves. Combining a modern understanding of brain patterning and habit creation with these other more ancient methods of mentoring, the children find themselves immersed in an “invisible school” with the forest as their ”classroom”. The goal of such mentoring is nothing short of helping each individual reach their full potential.

Core Curriculum:

Our core curriculum is informed and shaped using a model that is based on the patterns and cycles of the natural world.  This 8 directional model accounts for the innate rhythms of individuals and their environment, providing a seemingly effortless but remarkably effective trajectory for learning.

Through games, stories and exploration children learn:

  • Outdoor Safety and Awareness
  • Animal Tracking
  • Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants
  • Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Bird Language
  • Ancient Crafts
  • Ecology, Community, Self-Discovery
  • and much more