Winter Wednesdays

Join us in the forest this winter, as we discover the wonders this enchanted season has to offer.

Wednesdays, 9AM - 3PM

January 8 - February 19

Forest Floor Wilderness Programs


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2020 Summer Camps

  • All-Outdoor Nature Day Camps for grades K-2, 1​-3, 3-5, 4-7, and 6-10
  • New Drop-off/Pick-up Location in Haw Creek
  • Early Bird Discount: 10% off & FREE T-Shirt if you register before January 1​
  • After Camp available until 5:30 p.m.

New Camps Include:

Grades K-2   Flight of the Faeries

Grades 1-3   Stealth Rangers

Grades 4-7   Earthen Pottery

Grades 6-10   Knife-making

Grades 6-10   Shadow Scouts: Advanced Forest Ninja

Winter Programs​

Winter Break Camps

Get outside this holiday season with these one-day forest adventures.  

Mon. December 30  -  Forest Ninja: Reindeer Rescue
Tue. December 31  -  Winter Archery Arena
Wed. January 1  -  Quest for the 5th Element
Thur. January 2  -  Forest Ninja: Reindeer Rescue
Fri. January 3  -  Winter Archery Arena

Our Methods:

Forest Floor utilizes a distinctive and highly effective educational approach called Nature-Connection Mentoring, which uses children's inherent enthusiasm for the natural world as a context to actively engage them in the learning process. Children are guided by the mentor towards the empowering experience of curiosity-driven discovery instead of simply being inundated with information. This in turn sets the stage for them to be led by their own innate curiosity (and the gentle nudging of the mentor) to discover the natural world for themselves.

Using the subtle Art of Questioning children are brought to the edge of their knowledge and awareness, then enticed by a further mystery to grow beyond that edge. With the help of what we call Universal Child Passions, we create a learning environment that is motivated by the natural inclinations of the children themselves. Combining a modern understanding of brain patterning and habit creation with these other more ancient methods of mentoring, the children find themselves immersed in an “invisible school” with the forest as their ”classroom”. The goal of such mentoring is nothing short of helping each individual reach their full potential.

Core Curriculum:

Our core curriculum is informed and shaped using a model that is based on the patterns and cycles of the natural world.  This 8 directional model accounts for the innate rhythms of individuals and their environment, providing a seemingly effortless but remarkably effective trajectory for learning.

Through games, stories and exploration children learn:

  • Outdoor Safety and Awareness
  • Animal Tracking
  • Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants
  • Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Bird Language
  • Ancient Crafts
  • Ecology, Community, Self-Discovery
  • and much more