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​​​​​​​Monday:  Red-tailed Hawks (ages 7-12)

Wednesday:  Flying Squirrels ​(ages 6-13)

  • Acorns (ages 6-13)
  • Oaks* (ages 9-13)

Friday:  River Otters (ages 7-12)

Saturday:  Grey Fox ​(ages 6-13)

  • Acorns (ages 6-13)
  • Oaks* (ages 9-13)

"Our son attends the Flying Squirrels program and LOVES it!  When I saw the flyer for it, I thought it was great that someone was doing a program like this for kids but I thought that it wouldn't be something for our family because, as plant-nerd parents, we do a lot of hiking & outdoor stuff already. My husband had been really busy with work and wasn't able to do as much wilderness work with our son so we decided to give Flying Squirrels a try... and we are SO GLAD we did.

Our child is learning so much at their program and having a total blast!  He literally counts the days until the next class. As homeschooling parents, we have enrolled our son in all kinds of extra curricular programs and classes but this has by far been the best class for him. He keeps telling us that if Forest Floor open a charter school he is going Monday-Saturday! If you can't tell already we HIGHLY RECOMMEND giving Forest Floor Wilderness Programs a try."



Reems Creek (map)​

  • Friday River Otters(ages 7-12)

"When we are out in the yard, playing at the park or walking around in the woods, [our daughter] will point out plant species and tell me their names and uses.  Her confidence has increased, and she is learning the value of just being quiet sometimes- which I welcome."

-Starr, parent

By Location: 

Saturday Greenville:  (ages 6-12)​

West Asheville:

The Asheville School (map)

  • Monday Red-tailed Hawk(ages 7-12)
  • Wednesday Flying Squirrel(ages 7-13)

Fridays postponed until Spring 2018

Greenville, SC:
Riverstead Community (map)​

  • Saturdays (ages 6-12)

(828) 338-9787

By Day of the Week: 

East Asheville:

Shope Creek Wilderness (map)​

  • Saturday Grey Fox(ages 6-13)

(828) 338-9787

Fridays postponed until Spring 2018

* For the Oaks groups: Children must be age 9 and have completed our programs at least twice before, OR be age 10-13, and competed a program at least once before.  Additionally children must complete a set of qualifying challenges.  More info HERE

Fall 2017 Youth Programs