A Day in the Life of a Wild Leader

Each day our group will dive deep into the genius of the natural world, engaging in powerful experiential activities and techniques carefully crafted for connection and growth.   We will explore the land, our hearts and minds through hands-on activities, focused discussions, natural crafts, survival skills, intentional games, song and nature inspired personal reflection.

Both from our basecamp and out in numerous beautiful forested mountain habitats, we will wander, explore and study the life and relationships of the world around us.  Dropping into the natural rhythms for quest and for rest, we'll learn to listen to a world we may have never known was speaking to us.

In the evenings, we will feast together and gather around the hearth fire.  There we will share stories of inspiration, both personal and mythic, and discuss pertinent topics of our community, the world and leadership.  We will laugh, cry, play games, give thanks, bring our voices together, and align our trajectories with life’s mysterious unfolding path.

Wild Food Foraging -  Feast from the land, creating a forest-to-table meal to enjoy with your friends and family.

Tulip Poplar Bark Basket-Making - Craft your own highly useful basket/container from the bark of a common local tree.

Animal Tracking - Dive down the rabbit-hole of natural mystery, and discover the hidden lives of our wild neighbors.

Art of Questioning - Asking the right question is far more valuable than knowing the right answer.

Indigenous Cultural Elements -  Identify what is true for intact indigenous cultures around the world, and how to integrate that into your community life.

Uncovering our Gifts -  It can often be difficult to see our own gifts.  See yourself through the eyes of your peers and discover what you have to offer the world.

Brain Patterning and the Mentor -  Help each other to turn off auto-pilot and rewire your brains.

Inner Tracking - Discern the emotional and mental patterns that shape your inner landscape, and learn how they effect your actions and decisions.

Lost-Proofing and Wandering -  Avoid getting lost, and enjoy the freedom of letting your intuition guide you through the forest.  

Sense Meditation -  Lose your mind and come to your senses.

Plant Identification -  Get on a first-name-basis with many of the plants in our local ecosystem.

Ceremony, Rites of Passage & the Human Life Cycle - Engage in, and learn the value of, ceremony and Rites of Passage for marking transitions in people’s lives.

   Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30
   Feb. 20, 27
   March. 6, 13, 27
   April 3, 10, 24
   May 1, 8, 15, 17-20*, 22, 29
   June 5

Dates:   Most Tuesdays September 12th, 2017 - June 5th, 2018 
Plus weekend campouts in October and May

   Sept 12, 19, 26
   Oct. 3, 10*, 27-30*, 24
   Nov. 7,14, 28
   Dec. 5, 12, 19

* New/Changed Dates

NOTE: The breaks on Feb. 6, 13th, & April 17th are subject to change based on sister events that have not yet set their final dates.

Location:  From our base camp in the greater Asheville area we will venture out to explore a variety of beautiful forests and ecosystems throughout the year.  The exact location of the basecamp is yet to be determined.

Typical Daily Schedule:
     9:00am  Morning Circle  -  Coming together and Inspirations
     10:00am Hands on Skills, Nature Studies, Connection Activities and Leadership Tools
     12:00pm Lunch! (Bring your own)
     1:00pm   Hands on Skills, Nature Studies, Connection Activities and Leadership Tools
     4:00pm  Connection and Reflection
     5:00pm  Break
     5:30pm  Dinner - (Provided)  
     7:00pm  Evening Fire  -  Sacred Stories, Culture Design, Odes to the Night.  
     9:00pm* Program End  

*In the Fall and Spring we will wrap up our day together at 9pm.  In the winter we will end a bit earlier, ending by 8pm.

Cost of Program

Cost of Program:  $3,000-$5,000 Sliding Scale

(Includes instruction, all materials, dinners, camping, and field trips).

Transportation is not included.

Diversity and need-based scholarships available by request.  More info on our FAQ page.

Application Process

Currently accepting applications. We will begin announcing acceptances on April 4th.  Participants will be accepted on a rolling basis until program is full.  Early enrollment encouraged; we expect program to fill.  

ACCEPTANCE: You will receive an acceptance decision within two weeks of receiving your application, starting on April 4th.  A $500 deposit is required within one week after acceptance to reserve your space.

Apply Now

Friction-Fire Making -  Apprentice to the ancient art of making fire with the use of simple materials found in the forest, reclaiming one of the key skills of your ancestors.

Befriending the Dark - From fear of the unknown, to comfort and safety in the shadow of the Earth.

Wood Carving:  hands-on crafting of useful tools for your everyday life.

Peacemaking Practices -  Gain the knowledge of how to resolve conflict, to help others connect and heal, and how to apply this in your relationships.

Mapping -  Take a bird’s-eye view of the landscape and see what you’ve been missing all along.

Anchoring -  Getting the support we need to weather life’s storms and harvest the nuggets of wisdom from our experiences.

Appalachian Ecology -  Explore the rich ecology of the Appalachian mountains, the oldest and most diverse mountain range in the world.

Non-Violent Communication and Intimacy Skills -  Shift your language and thoughts patterns to grease the wheels of communication, finding the truth behind the words.

Bird Language -  Find out what our avian friends are telling us about our environment and ourselves.

Mentoring Techniques -  Learn to help others break out of their own ruts and discover their innate genius.

The Hero’s Journey -  Take an active role in your life’s journey, and claim the adventure awaiting you.

Giving & Receiving Feedback -  The nitty-gritty path to reshaping ourselves into the person we want to be.

...and much, much more.


Within the framework of Nature-Connection, Culture Design, and Leadership, there are many topics we will cover during this program. The final curriculum will be determined by the needs and desires of the students, combined with the opportunities presented by the staff, guest instructors, the natural world, and synchronicity.  We invite you to lean into the mystery with us.

     Some of the topics we plan on covering are:

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Wild Leaders

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Do you feel the call of the wild but can't currently fit this into your life?  Financially support someone in need and stay connected to the program while empowering the next generation of Wild Leaders.