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What's the difference between Red-tailed Hawks, Flying Squirrels, and Bobcats?

The fundamental principles used in designing the curriculum for all of our programs are the same(more information about Nature-Connection Mentoring can be found here).  The differences in each program arrive via:

  • the specific qualities of the various program locations
  • the strengths & passions each of the instructors bring to the table
  • the inclinations & curiosities of the children in each group
  • the unpredictable opportunities presented each day by nature itself
  • the variation in lessons and activities based on ability and developmental appropriateness(e.g. the graduation of Acorns, Saplings, and Oaks).

Additionally, our planned activities and mentoring techniques are adjusted to be age appropriate(e.g. more story-telling and sense-based exploration for younger children, and more focused naturalist knowledge and outdoors skills for older children).

All these elements synergistically come together in a way that is both intentional and open to spontaneity. The result is a connective learning experience for your children that deepen their relationship to the natural world and leaves them hungry for more.

Scholarship Applications for

Spring 2020 are due by February 1

Scholarship Information

Limited partial scholarships are available.  Scholarship funds are generated based on the number of full paying registrations and the generosity of donations toward the scholarship fund. Thus scholarships are limited to the sum of these funds and are awarded based on equitable distribution.  Full scholarships are only considered under extenuating circumstances, and scholarship applicants should expect to pay at least half of tuition.  Sibling discounts are not available for our weekly homeschool programs(but are for many of our summer camps).

To apply for a scholarship please follow the link below to fill out the application:

Currently listed is our Spring 2020 Programs

We are finalizing plans for the fall, with an expanded line-up of programs that focus on crafting and academics in addition to our core nature-connection curriculum.

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Flying Squirrel
Weekly Homeschool Program

Ages:  6-13

  • Acorns:  ages 6-8
  • Saplings: ages 8*-12
  • Oaks**:  ages 9.5-13

*8 year olds must have previously attended our weekly homeschool programs at least once to join the Saplings.

**The Oaks group is an invitation only group designed specifically for long-time students ready for a greater level of challenge.  For more information on the Oaks group, CLICK HERE.

Dates:  February 26 - May 27, with a break on April 22 (13 days total)

2 Distinct Drop-off & Pick-up Options(this is for Wednesdays ONLY):   

The program location is in the forest of Shope Creek Wilderness, but we are offering convenient  in-town drop-off/pick-up for a maximum of 26 students at Haw Creek Commons.

  • Haw Creek Commons drop-off  & pick-up (limited to 26 students due to van capacity)
    • Drop-off is 9:30 - 9:45 a.m.
    • Pick-up is 3:30 - 3:45 p.m.
    • Because seats in our vans are limited to 26 kids, please choose the Shope Creek Wilderness option if you are able(it will help us out tremendously)
    • Haw Creek Commons is next door to Haw Creek Elementary in the Haw Creek neighborhood (Google Maps link)
  • Shope Creek Wilderness drop-off & pick-up (unlimited)
    • Drop-off is 9:45 - 10:00 a.m.
    • Pick-up is 3:15 - 3:30 p.m.
    • Shope Creek Wilderness Google Maps link 

Price:   Acorns & Saplings$595        Oaks - $635

  • Monthly payment plans available
  • $100 non-refundable deposit due at registration(included in total tuition, not in addition to)
  • Limited Partial Scholarships available(more info at bottom of page)

Registration OPEN for Spring 2020

At Forest Floor we are “Connection Specialists”,  and at our weekly homeschool programs we excel at sharing that with our students. Through careful mentoring we connect your child to the natural world, to other local nature-loving children, and to their own innate genius.

Connection to Nature:
The plants and animals of our bio-region are our often unacknowledged neighbors, and at Forest Floor we introduce our students to their neighborhood and help them make friends.  Over the course of a given season of our homeschool programs children learn the names, uses for, and characteristics of a wide variety of edible and medicinal wild plants.  Through careful observation of tracks and sign, they discover the behavior and habits of elusive animals(such as Red Fox, White-tailed Deer, and Otter) living literally in their backyard.  With each mindfulness-oriented Nature Sit Spot, they tune-in to the sounds, smells, and rhythms of the forest, ultimately becoming just as comfortable outdoors as they are in their living room.

Connection to Others:
For many of the children in our homeschool programs, their best friend is somebody they met out in the forest with us. Our mentors are skilled at group facilitation and provide ample opportunity for children to really get to know each other and shine in a supportive social environment.  Our daily activities encourage children to listen intently to each other, share, and cooperate.  Working together, students daily complete a variety of compelling challenges such as building a fire, gathering wild edibles for a salad, or creating a weather-proof survival shelter.

Connection to Self:
Who are you deep down? What are you curious about?  What do you care about?  How can we encourage you to share this with us and the world?  These are the questions our mentors are asking about each child that joins us in the forest.  Children come alive in the natural world, and through carefully crafted activities and the subtle application of the Art of Questioning, we draw out the best in them and then celebrate it.  Children regularly return home red-cheeked, a hint of wood smoke on their clothes, glowing with joy from their days wild adventures.

Forest Floor Wilderness Programs



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Weekly Program

Ages:  3-5

  • ALL parents are invited to attend the first day of the Bobcats program.  
  • Parent Guests are invited to sign-up to join subsequent days of the program, limit of one parent per day, with the intention being to include several different parents throughout the season(this is NOT required).

Time:  Thursdays, 11:30 am - 3:30 pm

Dates:  February 27 - May 28, with a break on April 23 (13 days total)

Price:  $595

  • Monthly payment plans available
  • $100 non-refundable deposit due at registration(included in total tuition, not in addition to)
  • Limited Partial Scholarships available(more information below)

Location:  The forest of Shope Creek Wilderness in East Asheville.

  • Here is a Google Maps link for this location.
  • Shope Creek Wilderness is both the drop-off/pick-up location, as well as the actual program location for Bobcats(i.e. no van transport)

Registration:  OPEN for Spring 2020

Registration is now OPEN, with limited space available.
Sign-up now to reserve your spot.

Weekly Homeschool Programs


Red-tailed Hawk & Blacksmithing
Weekly Homeschool Program

Ages:  6-12 & 11-15

Time:  Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Dates:  February 25 - May 26, with a break on April 21 (13 days total)

Price:  Red-tailed Hawk - $595

  • Monthly payment plans available
  • $100 non-refundable deposit due at registration(included in total tuition, not in addition to)
  • Limited Partial Scholarships available(more info at bottom of page)

Location:  Convenient Drop-off/Pick-up location at Haw Creek Commons(next door to Haw Creek Elementary) in East Asheville.

  • Children will be transported via passenger van from Haw Creek Commons to our forested program location at Shope Creek Wilderness.
  • Haw Creek Commons Google Maps link
  • Shope Creek Wilderness Google Maps link (this is not the drop-off/pick-up location)

​Registration OPEN for Spring 2020