WE ENVISION a nature-connected community of humans living their full potential in relationship, reciprocity, and cooperation with the natural world.

OUR MISSION is to raise our children to be the nature-connected leaders of tomorrow by tracking and supporting their journey through childhood, adolescence & beyond.

To support this Vision and accomplish our Mission,  WE LEAD a wide variety of nature-connection programs:

  • Summer Camps
  • Winter & Spring Break Camps
  • No-School 1-Day Programs
  • Weekly Homeschool Programs
  • Saturday Programs for Youth
  • Family Campouts
  • Weekend Workshops for Adults
  • Year-long Weekly Immersions for Adults

Forest Floor Wilderness Programs



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Since 2011 Forest Floor has provided the Asheville area with Nature-Connection Mentoring programs designed to re-connect youth and adults with the natural world, while also coalescing a vibrant nature-based community.​​

Vision & Mission

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