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Allie Showalter, Youth Programs Director

Allie is a dedicated and humble apprentice to the rhythms, cycles and patterns in nature. She aims to live in service to the resurgence of regenerative liveways on this incredible, living planet. Allie is a child at heart who loves to sing, tend gardens, tell stories, weave, tan hides and bask in the mysteries of the natural world. She can be found roaming with curiosity and reverence in her beloved Southern Appalachian home. She studied ecology, permaculture and education at The Evergreen State College, University of Vermont and finally earned her bachelor’s degree from Warren Wilson College in Environmental Education. She has been mentoring children in the forest for a decade yet feels like she is only just beginning her journey with this deeply nourishing and needed work.

Michael Ismerio, Co-Director

Michael Ismerio is a passionate teacher who has been teaching fiddle music to people of all ages since.  In 2008 he became immersed in the growing Deep Nature Connection movement and shifted his focus to guiding others on their journey to awareness, authenticity, and connection.  Michael grew up in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, spent many years in the lush rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, and now calls Asheville home.

Michael's website-   http://michaelismerio.com/​​

Clint Corley, Founder and Executive Director

Clint first discovered his love of all things wild by growing up camping with his family in the verdant forests of central Florida.  Later he deepened his relationship to nature by building his own wigwam home from bark & saplings, and tracking wolves during a year-long wilderness immersion in the arboreal forests of Wisconsin.  Having been deeply impacted by the transformative power of nature-connection, and further driven to help others find this for themselves, Clint founded Forest Floor to serve as a bridge between modern humans and our ancient earth-centered past.

Adrianna Daly, Assistant Instructor

Adrianna graduated from Warren Wilson College with a degree in creative writing.  She spent 3 years volunteering as an ESL tutor for spanish speaking students ranging from kindergarten to high school.  Since graduating she has continued her love of mentorship, rites of passage, ancestral skills and working with youth by being part of various local nature based schools and programs.  In her off time she can be found practicing the banjo, making leather crafts, and writing poetry in her home in Barnardsville, NC.

Grant Adkisson, Lead Instructor

Grant has been working with children in the outdoors since 1995. He is a Hunter, Blacksmith, Internal Martial Artist, Archer, Nature Enthusiast, Earthskills Ambassador and Outdoor Educator. Grant believes that every person young or old is more capable and gifted than they may ever know, they may just need to be reminded. 

Grant's website-  http://earthskillsgathering.org/

Nico Piedrahita, Lead Instructor

Nico's love of the wild started in the backyard forests of his suburban childhood, and since then he's been chasing the dream of never having to "Come back inside!" Having lived in Blue Ridge forests for many years, he counts among his friends  the chipmunks and the walnuts, the oak trees and the chickadees. This is where he feels most at home and alive - most joyous and reverent - most playful and curious. His greatest passion is to share this experience through play and song, and at times a wondering silence.​

Scott Karas, Lead Instructor

Scotty has been doing nature connection education work for Forest Floor and other organizations since 2014.  He feeds his passion for nature with naturalist studies, natural crafts, and foraging food and medicine.  Scotty is trained in Permaculture design and works locally designing and installing edible and medicinal gardens.  He studied herbal medicine locally at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and keeps his relationship with plants alive by growing and foraging medicinal herbs and making medicines and meads.  Scotty runs Deep Roots Nature Education from which he offers his services such as wilderness retreats, apprenticeships, camping trips, permaculture design, land consultations, tours, and more.  Scotty's website is:  DeepRootsNatureEducation.com​

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Our staff and instructors:

Staff bios

Sara Henry, ​Lead Instructor

Sara Henry has been mentoring children in wilderness programs since 2012 years.  Her heart lies in guiding children to express their sense of wonder with the natural world and to fall in love with nature.  Using the forest as a classroom, she guides children to follow their individual curiosity and explore natural mysteries.  Sara studied at alternative liberal arts college, New College of Florida, where she earned a BA in Music and Anthropology.  The caring mentors who guided her are a big part of why she has been inspired to be a teacher as her life’s work.  She loves learning, growing and playing with children of all ages, and is especially passionate about early childhood education.

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Scott Carroll, Lead Instructor

Scott Carroll first discovered his love and sense of wonder for the natural world as a child and young man growing up on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The ponds, streams, inlets, shoreline, forests and fields were like a playground of endless discoveries, learning and connection. After years of being immersed in city culture, his passion and desire for reconnection was rekindled while participating in a traditional Native American Vision Quest. Since then he has studied and/or participated at various nature connection programs including Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School, The Art of Mentoring, Coyote Tracks and The 8 Shields Institute. Since 2012 he has been working as a Nature Connection Mentor within the 8 shields model primarily with children between the ages of 5 and 18. He considers it a gift to be able to work with youth in this way and is grateful for the opportunity to join the Forest Floor staff.​

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