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(828) 338-9787

This program is an opportunity to provide your child with a regular and potent dose of Vitamin N, the perfect antidote to the modern affliction known as Nature Deficit Disorder.

Twice-a-Month Saturday Program

For more traditional school schedules we offer:
​Grey Fox  

Saturdays in Asheville

Ages:  6-13

  • Acorns: ages 6-13
  • Oaks*:  ages 9-13

*Oaks must complete a set of qualifying challenges.  Additonally, Oaks children age 9 must have attended our programs at least twice before.  Oaks children age 10-13, once before.  For more information on the Oaks group, CLICK HERE.

Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Dates:  September 9 & 23, October 7 & 14, November 4 & 18, December 2 & 16

  • NOTE:  Due to various scheduling conflicts, these dates do not follow the usual every-other-Saturday pattern.  

Price: $400 for all 8 days

Location: in E. Asheville at 472 Shope Creek Rd.(at the end of Riceville Rd.)

Registration open SOON!