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This conference is sponsored by The School of Integrated Living (SOIL) in partnership with The Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers and Forest Floor Wilderness Programs

Reaching Nature Connection

Conference Tuition

  • First 5 spaces - $200-225
  • Next 5 spaces - $225-250
  • Regular Conference fee - $250-275
  • Current ECE students - $175-225 for early childhood education students currently enrolled in an ECE course.

Group discount- 10% off for groups of 3 or more.  We will be in touch to confirm whether space is available for your group. Discounts may not be combined.

*limited scholarships available;   Maximum participants: 35

East Coast Outdoor Conference for Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, Counselors, Parents, and Mentors

​Join us for two fun days of hands-on learning in Nature's playground!  Gain tools, songs, games, stories and much more to help bring adults and children alike into a closer relationship with Nature.

     Collaboratively taught by Erin Boehme, Kelly Villarruel, and Lia Grippo

About the Conference

Reaching Nature Connection is an annual, outdoor conference based on forest schools, wilderness awareness and early childhood education.

This conference is designed for beginners and experienced educators alike, as well as therapists, administrators, homeschool families, camp counselors, grandparents and parents who have an interest in developmentally appropriate nature mentoring for children.

This conference is a fun, rewarding, and community building experience.

Excellent conference! The depth of behavioral psychology and child development practices, underlying the variety of activities, music and games made it a truly rich experience.
      ​- Participant in June 2016 conference in Santa Barbara

Who:  Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, Counselors, Parents, & Mentors
Dates:  March 11 & 12, 2017

Time:  Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-4pm

Price:  see below

Location: Asheville, NC

To learn more about this wordshops  amazing facilitaiton team and for additional details... 

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Be a part of a MOVEMENT, not just a conference.

The Reaching Nature Connection Conference is part of a larger movement not only in the United States, but world-wide. Check out the following links to learn more about this growing web.

Growth of Nature-Based Schools in North America ~ Excerpt from interview with Lia Grippo in School Library Journal 

Whereas the idea of Nature/Forest Schools have been popular in the UK, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe since the 1950's, why do you think we are now seeing a sudden growth of nature-based schools in North America?

Educating for the Health of Child and Earth ~ Blog post of Lia Grippo, Founder / Director, Wild Roots Forest School & Cofounder, Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers

Young children, through their senses, take in impressions of the world without judgment, and the quality of those sense impressions matters.  In fact, they affect the remainder of a person's life.  In early childhood we develop the foundation for all future relationships...

Forest School from a Parent's Perspective

My daughter doesn't tell me much about what she does at school.  She doesn't have to.  The way forest school has impacted her is self-evident.