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Days:  Monday - Friday

  • Optional(but highly-encouraged) Campout on Thursday Night


  • 9 AM - 3 PM, Monday - Wednesday
  • 9 AM Thursday - 12 PM Friday Overnight

NEW Location:  38 McDaris Cove Road, Weaverville NC, 28787 (roughly 10 minutes from downtown Weaverville, 20 minutes from Asheville)  [Google Maps link]

Price:  $310 per child (Lunches not provided)

  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at registration to secure a spot in camp
  • ​10% discount for each additional sibling or week of camp
  • Overnight meals provided:  dinner Thursday and breakfast Friday

Limited Partial Scholarships Available
Contact us for more info:

Hearth-fire Day Camp 2018

Additional skills/activities may include:

  • Primitive pottery
  • Flint knapping
  • A variety of open fire cooking methods
  • Woods and creek wandering
  • Hearthfire                 June 25 - 29            OPEN spaces available

  • Forest Ninja               July 2 - 6                 FULL waitlist available
  • Run Wild!                     July 9 - 13              OPEN spaces available

  • Run Wild!                   July 16 - 20              OPEN spaces available
  • Run Wild!                  July 23 - 27              OPEN spaces available
  • Survival Skills         July 30 - Aug 3          OPEN spaces available

Forest Ninja (ages 8-12)​​

July 2 - 6  FULL

  • Gourd bowls
  • Wild foods preparations
  • Herbal salve making
  • Optional OVERNIGHT on Thursday!

Watch this video of a very similar camp Allie and Tyler led in 2017


(828) 338-9787

Survival Skills (ages 9-13*)​​

July 30 - Aug 3

Run Wild! (ages 6-12)

July 9 - 13, July 16 - 20 &  July 23 - 27


Pottery, Stone, Fire, and Food

June 25-29      (ages 10-14)

Created and led by Allie Showalter and Tyler Lavenburg

Since the domestication of fire, humans have gathered around the glow of flame to prepare nourishing meals, hone their tools, and share their stories.  Fire was and is, truly at the heart of the village. Even today, whether it is on our propane stove or flicking the switch to our baseboard heater, we are engaging with fire.

Join us around the central fire as we honor this ancient tradition by engaging with the fire directly—using it as a tool to create beautiful crafts, cook tasty foods, and revel in the simple joys of singing and telling stories around the fire.  

We will create a functional and beautiful hearth, playing and working as a village.  Children will practice the art of fire building and tending, learning to find the necessary materials to make fire anywhere in the forest. This class is a true celebration of the innumerable ways that fire weaves itself in and out of our lives.