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Early-release Friday Program

On scheduled Fridays, students enrolled in this after school program will be picked-up at FernLeaf(if your'e a FernLeaf student) or at a nearby shopping center(if you're not a FernLeaf student) and transported to a nearby forest on privately owned property.  Once in the forest, using games, storytelling, role-modeling, and exploration, our instructors will provide an immersive, fun, and connective outdoor adventure that your kids will love.

Then, around 5:15 PM, kids and instructors will load-up in the van and drive back to FernLeaf.  All parents, of both FernLeaf and non-FernLeaf students, pick-up at FernLeaf Charter School anytime between 5:30-6pm.

​NOTE:  This program is now open to the general public.

More info about our Curriculum and Mentoring methods HERE

Grades:  2nd - 5th​ OR

Ages: 7 - 11

Drop-off and Pick-up Times:

  • For FernLeaf Students:  FernLeaf students will be picked-up at FernLeaf when school is dismissed at Noon and transported via our passenger van to our forested program location, no direct parent involvement required.  Students will be returned to FernLeaf at 5:30 PM for flexible parent pick-up between 5:30 - 6 PM.
  • For Non-FernLeaf Students:  Non-FernLeaf Students must be dropped off in the Dollar General parking lot(map link: 3957 Hendersonville Rd.) between 11:45-11:55 AM.  Non-FernLeaf students will be brought to FernLeaf School(map link) for pick-up by their parents anytime between 5:30 - 6 PM.

Dates:  Fridays, September 13 - December 13, with breaks on September 27, October 11, October 25, & November 29 (10 total program days)

Price:  $375 for the full season

  • Monthly payment plans available
  • $100 non-refundable deposit due at registration
  • No partial registrations

Location:  Children will be transported from FernLeaf to a nearby privately owned forested location in Horse Shoe, NC and then returned to FernLeaf for parent pick-up.

Registration is CLOSED for the Fall.

(828) 338-9787


Fridays at FernLeaf Community Charter School