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With Bobcats you can begin your child's life-long naturalist journey now!  Just a few of our fun activities will include campfire cooking, wild edible plants, natural paints and dyes, collaborative music-making, and fairy house building.  As the days get warmer, we'll begin splashing in the creek, digging clay from the banks, and even making beads and small pots and firing them in the old way, in the fire pit!  Our instructors are skilled in the subtle art of holding a safe container that allows for a young child's imagination to flourish while playing in nature.

Thursday February 28, 11am - 3pm​

Come with your child to a sample program day.  We'll follow our weekly rhythms, taking a short and fun hike to our camp, tracking the deer and listening to the birds along the way, sharing our gratitude and enjoying an inspiring story while snacking by a cozy fire we'll build together.  

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